Facilities / Quality Control

Pattern Shop : Well equipped Pattern Shop and ancillaries for making Wooden/Metal Patterns.

Fettling Shop : Pencil hand grinders to heavy duty swing frame Grinders.  Welding AC & DC type for cutting.

Molding Shop : Hand molding is done using CO2 Silicate Sand, Resin Sand, Green Sand   and consists of sand mixers of various capacities and types. Shell molding facilities is also available.

Heat Treatment : Electric resistance type batch furnaces, facilities for Oil, Water & Air quenching.  Arrangements available for Flame / Induction Hardening.

Machining : Very well equipped Machine Shop with Boring, Turning, Planning, Milling, Shaping, Slotting, Drilling machines.

Balancing : Facilities for dynamic balancing of rotating parts like Impellers Rotors etc.

Shot Blasting : Shot Blasting Machine Rotating Table Type.

TESTING NDT. : All Non destructive testing facilities like; X-Ray, Ultrasonic etc.


For Chemical Testing : -
Direct reading floor version high CCD Optical Emmision computerized print -out Spectrometer.

For Mechanical/Physical Testing facilities - Equipped with a 20 Tonnes Universal Tensile Testing
Machine, Hardness Testing Machines to measure Brinnel, Rockwell and Shore Hardness and Portable
Equotip Hardness Tester.

FOR METALLOGRAPHIC TESTING – Metallurgical Microscopes with arrangement of photomicrography of any Steel or Ferrous Material and Micro Hardness Tester.

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