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Ball Grinding Mills are used to grind minerals, coal etc., these Mills are also called as Coal Grinding Mills when used for Coal Grinding. AEPL manufacture shell liners, end liners, step liners, diaphragm plates to protect the outer shell/plate. These liner plates are manufactured in various material specifications depending upon the mineral to be grind. Most common material specifications are;

  • Mn-Steel as per IS-276 with various grades. This material is highly impact resistant and unbreakable. It has the initial hardness of around 230 BHN and work hardness goes up to 450 BHN. This material is heat treated before put in use.
  • Ni-Hard Gr-4.  This material is having highly wear resistant property with hardness more than 550 BHN after proper and long heat treatment process. Main elements of this material are Nickel (4 to 6 %) and Chromium (7 to 11 %)
  • Hi-Cr. This material is having various grades with Cr element ranges from 10% to 30 % with other elements like Ni, Mo, Vanadium etc. All the specification of this material is having very good wearing property.
diaphrgam plate ENDLINER shell-liner step-liner  
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