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Pumps  are  required  for  various  applications  such  as :

  • Water  pumps
  • Sea  water  pumps
  • Ash  slurry  pumps
  • Chemical  pumps
  • Corrossion  resistant  pum

Following  spares are  regularly  manufactured  by  us:

  • Pump  casings
  • Impellers
  • Side  covers
  • Housings.
  • Cover  plates
  • Connecting  pipes  etc.. Etc

Material  specifications  for  various  applications  are  as  under;

General  water  pumps---cast  iron/alloy  cast  iron
Sea  water  pumps------------ni-resist  with  nickel  13/17%
ni-resist  with  nickel   19/21%
Ash  slurry  pumps-----------ni-hard  gr-4  with  hardness  450/600 bhn
hi-chrome      with  hardness  500/650  bhn
Chemical  pumps                  s s 304 / 316 / 310  etc…..
Corrossion  resistant  pumps-----high  nickel  alloy  like—monel,       
hastaolloy,  alloy-20 etc….

Diaphrgam Plate HOUSING HOUSING sand
IMPELLER nickel based
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various pump spares      
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