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Crusher machines are mainly used for crushing of coal, iron ore, rock phosphate, bouxite and other ores.these machines require highly impact and wear resistant materials to give long life of spares to avoid frequent change of these spares.

mn-steel material, which is, highly impact and wear resistant material at present is recommended to manufacture spares for crushing and grinding machines.

mn- steel has various grades as per indian standard with 11 to 17 % of manganese content.these material are manufactured as per is-276.

General spares required for crusing and grinding machines are:
hammers, liner plates, mantles, shell liners, blow liners, wall plates/liners,  diaphragm plates,  jaw plates,  plain & tooth ring hammers.  etc ……..

ball mill &
crusher castings
ball mill curve liners ball mill diaphargm ball mill liners1 ball mill liners2
ball mill liners
ball mill straight liners Bit Block blow bars for impactors crusher hammers
diapragm p hammer driving arm Hammer ENDLINER
hammer images jaw etc liner jaw plates jaw plates
mentle Mn-steel Mantle pitman guide plate plain & tooth hammer
Shroud step-liner hammer toggle toggle
tooth ring hammers tooth ring hammers chain sprockets chain wheel chain wheel
chain wheels GEAr toggle GEAR heavy duty gear
tooth ring hammer Pinion small gears & sprockets steel sprocket  
  AE-Follower AlpekCompactionPad AlpekHSG BP-40
Bucket-Elevator-Wheels       carbon-steel
casting-parts     hi-cr piercing
guide plates
pump part
sand-castings steel-castings MANTLE MENTLE blow bar for
horizontal impector
side liners        
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